Assertionerror view function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function

This completes building the simple demo API. This issue has been corrected. Performance issues occur soon after the VDI image starts because content updates are not being throttled as expected.

This wizard guides you through choosing what you want to expose as a web service. Changelog New in version 0. You upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from Select the mapping between fields.

Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP protocol

The endpoint has been added and the one-time enrollment token has been generated. This token will be displayed in the corresponding Enrollment Token column.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager services failed to start after an upgrade to Events are passed to a Lambda function as an event input parameter. Provides a brief description of the data source, and cannot exceed 80 characters. Procedure Log on to the DataWorks console as an administrator and click Enter Workspace from the Actions column of the relevant project in the Project List.

Symantec Endpoint Protection interferes with storage unmounts after a backup is done. It does not apply previous changes to the phones. Click Data Source from the left-side navigation pane.

To invoke this API method in the Postman, append the query string parameters to the stage-specific method invocation URL as shown in the previous image to create the complete method request URL: A typo appears in the message to snooze scheduled scan.

Updated behavior to appropriately honor proxy settings.

Updating Metadata in an Existing Mapping (Deprecated - DataMapper)

Firewall rules incorrectly block an established connection when the screensaver activates. How can my AWS Lambda function customize its behavior to the device and app making the request?

This token may be communicated to the endpoint administrator in two ways: The ordering of records across different shards is not guaranteed, and processing of each shard happens in parallel. Updated the installer to correctly install all necessary Symantec Endpoint Protection kernel components when only the Virus and Spyware Protection and Advanced Download Protection options are chosen.

When you close the Virus and Spyware Protection policy dialog, a redundant instruction saves the default FileCache options. Fixed a side issue of a previous fix, where state information was not retained.

You see a blue screen error due to unsynchronized access to the disconnect data block, which attempts to deliver the same disconnect twice and delete the block twice. Directly from Key Vault by email.

Removed the 8MB file size limit for the protection list file. Adjust the export to properly handle compressed events in the same way they are handled by the user interface view. Resolved an intermittent hang the occurred while filtering network file operations.

As such, we must add the query string parameters to the method request and map them into the corresponding query strings of the integration request.

ASK CLI Command Reference

When the endpoint is added, a one-time enrollment token is generated. Detected from the current exception information if not passed. Removed an unnecessary end of day check, since it triggered a scan when the clocks turn back an hour upon returning to Standard Time. There are endless use cases that you could come up with, but here are a few ideas: Handled specific case of a null file-size in the database, related to a particular application which threw an exception while parsing, but failed to show the application exception dialog box.

Install the correct documentation. Description optional but recommended: Check Enable Metadata Endpoint if you want to expose the metadata about the service. A confirmation message appears, saying that the email was sent. The interval is a random time between 5 to 10 minutes if there is no message from phones during the last intervals.

To control call remotely: This status message is confusing. Configure a synchronization task in Script mode Use the following script to configure synchronization tasks.All the added phones can be monitored and managed from the Endpoint > Monitor View page. From this page, you can: 5 Check the Update the Existing Phone Records check box to update the existing phone in the system.

Choose one the options: Ø Overwrite Existing Attributes. The mapping from WordPress template names to controller class names is essentially: Convert the WordPress body class that corresponds to the template you want to CamelCase.


Import or export data using the Data Integration

page-template-about => PageTemplateAbout, front-page => FrontPage, etc. AssertionError: View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function 2 Flask exception “View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function”.

Convergence maps¶ class kaleiseminari.comgenceMap (data, angle, masked=False, **kwargs) [source] ¶. A class that handles 2D convergence maps and allows to compute their topological descriptors (power spectrum, peak counts, minkowski functionals).

Flask - function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function. View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function: inner If I comment out the method user(), AssertionError: View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function: show.

If the view_func is not provided you will need to connect the endpoint to a view function like so: app. view_functions [ 'index' ] = index Internally route() invokes add_url_rule() so if you want to customize the behavior via subclassing you only need to change this method.

Assertionerror view function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function
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