Republic act no 6713

System of Incentives and Rewards. There shall be incorporated after Article of the same Code a new article which shall read as follows: Any law enforcement agency may be deputized by the Secretary of Labor and Employment or the Commission in the enforcement of decisions, awards, or orders. Should act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives and uphold public interest over personal interest.

The individual to whom an opinion is rendered, and any other individual involved in a similar factual situation, and who, after issuance of the opinion acts in good faith in accordance with it shall not be subject to any sanction provided in the Code.

It encompasses both the nonformal and informal sources of knowledge and skills; b Basic Education - is the education intended to meet basic learning needs which lays the foundation on which subsequent learning can be based. In labor disputes adversely affecting the continued operation of such hospitals, clinics, or medical institutions, it shall be the duty of the striking union or locking-out employer to provide and maintain an effective skeletal work force of medical and other health personnel, whose movement and services shall be unhampered and unrestricted, as are necessary to ensure the proper and adequate protection of the life and health of its patients, most especially emergency cases, for the duration of the strike or lockout.

It is the policy of the State to promote a high standard of ethics in public service. Consistent with the national educational policies, plans and standards, the regional director shall have authority, accountability and responsibility for the following: Prosecution under this provision shall preclude prosecution for the same act under the Revised Penal Code, and vice-versa.

In the event a determination is made that a statement is not so filed, the appropriate Committee shall so inform the reporting individual and direct him to take the necessary corrective action.

Receiving Gift — accepting gift in anticipation of a favor in exchange Divestment — transfer of title or disposal of interest in property by voluntarily Public Officials and Employee — shall be accountable to the people at all the time. Political neutrality — doing job with fairness to everyone Responsiveness to the public — being open to the public by providing them information that they what and enabling the public to participate in decision making by public hearings and consultation Nationalism and patriotism — being loyal to the Republic of the Philippines.

Provisions for More Stringent Standards. No qualification requirement for candidacy to any position shall be imposed other than membership in good standing in subject labor organization. The Civil Service Commission is hereby authorized to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act, including guidelines for individuals who render free voluntary service to the Government.

They shall establish information system that will inform the public of the following: Should act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives and uphold public interest over personal interest.

The two documents shall contain information on the following: These programs shall be conducted in all offices of the government and may include subjects that are enumerated in the preceding section. Article of the same Code, as amended by Executive Order No. The Civil Service Commission may amend or modify these Rules as may be necessary.

Commodatum refers to a contract whereby one of the parties delivers to another something not consumable so that the latter may use the same for a certain time and return it.

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Such assumption or certification shall have the effect of automatically enjoining the intended or impending strike or lockout as specified in the assumption or certification order. The Board shall have the power to issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of the parties to such meetings.

However, subject officials shall continue to temporarily discharge their duties and functions until their successors shall have been duly appointed and qualified. Any amount collected under this provision shall accrue to the Special Voluntary Arbitration Fund.

Republic Act No. 6713

A person guilty of misbehavior in the presence of or so near the Chairman or any member of the Commission or any Labor Arbiter as to obstruct or interrupt the proceedings before the same, including disrespect toward said officials, offensive personalities toward others, or refusal to be sworn or to answer as a witness, or to subscribe an affidavit or deposition when lawfully required to do so, may be summarily adjudged in direct contempt by said officials and punished by fine not exceeding five hundred pesos P or imprisonment not exceeding five 5 days, or both if it be the Commission or a member thereof, or by a fine not exceeding one hundred pesos P or imprisonment not exceeding one 1 day, or both if it be a Labor Arbiter.

However, consistent with the need to professionalize the higher level of its officialdom invested with adjudicatory powers and salaries or emoluments, all positions of the Commissioners, Executive Labor Arbiters and Labor Arbiters of the present National Labor Relations Commissions are hereby declared vacant.

They shall at all times respect the rights of others, and shall refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety and public interest.

Administrative proceedings for violation of these Rules shall be in accordance with the Civil Service Law and Rules. The Secretary of Labor and Employment may suspend the effects of the termination pending resolution of the dispute in the event of a prima facie finding by the appropriate official of the Department of Labor and Employment before whom such dispute is pending that the termination may cause a serious labor dispute or is in implementation of a mass lay-off.

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Every department, office and agency shall, in consultation with the Office of the Ombudsman, appoint or designate a Resident Ombudsman who shall act immediately on all request for public assistance referred to him by the Ombudsman and his Deputies.

If another sanction hereunder or under any other law is heavier, the latter shall apply. Husband and wife who are both public officials or employees may file the required statements jointly or separately. Commitment to democracy Simple living — mode of living most be proportional to the income and position of a public official and employees.

Approved, February 20, Procedure in collective bargaining. It shall not include an unsolicited gift of nominal or insignificant value not given in anticipation of, or in exchange for, a favor from a public official or employee. Article of Presidential Decree No. Powers, Duties and Functions.

The employee shall either be admitted back to work under the same terms and conditions prevailing prior to his dismissal or separation or, at the option of the employer, merely reinstated in the payroll.

At the expiration of the freedom period, the employer shall continue to recognize the majority status of the incumbent bargaining agent where no petition for certification election is filed.

Appointment of bureau personnel.Republic Act No.

Implementing Rules of RA No. 6713

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees Policy of the State – promote a high standard ethics in public service. Its Basis –Republic Act No. also known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees-Approved on February 20, by then President Corazon C.

Aquino 3 R.A. was a product of People Power. It ushered in a clamor for the restoration of clean. (REPUBLIC ACT NO. ) Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12 of Republic Act No.otherwise known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees,“ approved on February 20,and which took effect on March 25,conformably to Section 17 thereof, the following Rules are hereby adopted in.

congress of the philippines metro manila. eighth congress. republic act no. march 2, an act to extend protection to labor, strengthen the constitutional rights of workers to self-organization, collective bargaining and peaceful concerted activities, foster industrial peace and harmony, promote the preferential use of voluntary modes of settling labor.

republic act no. an act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, to uphold the time-honored principle of public office being a public trust, granting incentives and rewards for exemplary service, enumerating prohibited acts and transactions and providing penalties for violations thereof and for 5/5(7).

Republic Act No. (February 20, ) An Act Establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, to Uphold the Time Honored.

Republic act no 6713
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